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Quora Product Updates

New Notifications & Fixing Bad Question Edits: Coming Soon

Sometimes people ask why Quora isn't working on certain product improvements that lots of people care about. Normally we don't talk about future product plans (until the products launch), but I wanted to let you know that we have been working on two improvements that many people have asked for:

1. Making notifications a lot better. We know that there are too many notifications, especially for active writers and long-time readers. Notifications need to be more manageable, and you shouldn't have to wade through notifs that you aren't interested in. And we want people to be able to quickly see the notifs that are most important (e.g., answers to the questions you are following, replies to your comments).

We've been working on this and I expect we'll start rolling out a new notifications feature soon.

2. Fixing bad question edits. As Quora gets bigger, it's increasingly important that we make sure that bad question edits and question vandalism don't happen. We've heard lots of feedback that people are frustrated with bad changes to questions—especially ones that change the original intent of a question out from under the people following that question and/or people who have already answered it. We are working on a new system that will review question changes and revert bad edits. This will launch later this month, and our first priority will be reviewing substantial edits to questions which already have answers.

If you have more feedback, please let us know—either on Quora or via