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Quora Product Updates

Quora Product Updates

This board covers updates on various changes we're making to the Quora product. More significant announcements will get reposted to or from our company blog.
Xinran WangXinran Wang, Product Designer @ Quora
369 upvotes by Marc Bodnick, Stephanie Ho, Jonathan Brill, Kelvin Ho, Quora User, (more)
We've heard from many of you about wanting more control over who sees your answers. Sometimes, you might want to write an answer that will be useful for the question asker, but won't be interesting to many of your followers. For example, your followers might not find your answer on the hours of o... (more)
Kah Hong TayKah Hong Tay, Quora Product Designer
Profile and topic biographies play an important role in setting the context for an answer. They describe the author's expertise, experience or interest in a topic, which can improve the credibility of their answer.

Starting today, you'll be able to choose the biography you want for an answer. To...
Kah Hong TayKah Hong Tay, Quora Product Designer
223 upvotes by Quora User, Tatiana Estévez, Christopher J. Su, Alexandr Wang, Jelle Zijlstra, (more)
Over the past few months, we've been working on improving notifications. After trying a number of variants and gathering feedback, we are now fully rolling out several improvements. Some of you are seeing these changes for the first time this week, while others have had them (or a version of them... (more)
We’re excited to announce today a redesign of our rich-text editor, including a brand new formatting toolbar that improves the writing experience on iPad and iPhone.

Joel LewensteinJoel Lewenstein, Product Design Manager at Quora
73 upvotes by Marc Bodnick, Jackson Mohsenin, Jonathan Brill, Alex Wu, Quora User, (more)
Primary Topics (which we are renaming to Context Topics) are helpful for clarifying an otherwise ambiguous question. For instance: “Why did Michael kill Fredo?” would be confusing without knowing the movie references. Adding “The Godfather, Part II (1974 movie)” as the Context Topic helps future ... (more)
Yair LivneYair Livne, Data Science Manager at Quora
78 upvotes by Jonathan Brill, Marc Bodnick, Deborah Alves, Rupert Baines, Quora User, (more)
We try to help people get good, helpful answers quickly on Quora by providing the Ask to Answer feature with suggested people and by quickly sharing open questions through feeds. We're excited to share that we're now also sending highly targeted emails to help you get your questions answered.